Logo Design


Creative Process

At My job at Plastic Surgery Studios. The design department was tasked with designing a logo for one of our long time clients. Me and designed comps independently. Ultimately my logo was selected and is currently in use. 

Step One: Ideation

Step Two: Mock Up

Step Three: Refine

Step Four: Package


The way I get started with a logo design is drawing up as many iterations as possable. I try to do 50. Some times I don’t make it. But that’s the number I aim for. To make sure I have thought of anything that could help me. 

I also look for inspiration here too. Brands that clients have referenced or things that fit their aesthetic. 


Mock Up

This is where the ideas on paper come into the machine. I turn 3 to 5 of my favorites into a vector. If one isnt working like I think, I pick my next favorite. Untill I have enough that I cam confident to send to the client. 

The client ended up liking this one. He had a branded procedure called “True Form Tummy Tuck” But wanted to apply true form to all of his procedures. I thought a hand written logo would suit him well because that is his signature touch. What better way to show this than to make it his signature. 



Once one was picked. I was able to run with that and make it into the logo he would love. He wanted to see different mock ups of hand written fonts so I gave some more ideas. 

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