UX on Udemy

For Christmas, My Girlfriend bought me a great gift.

She knew I wanted to learn about UX/UI Design since college. I want the ability to not be able to make something eye catching, but design where the product works just as good.  Last Christmas she got me a UX Class on udemy.com.

I am a Web Designer that works for a company that designs/builds, and markets doctors and their brands. While they all want different things one thing rings consistent; Make it easy to use. This isn’t just their goal. As a person that know little about UX, I know this is important and it is a goal every-time I bring pen to paper for a wireframe.

The things I am learning on Udemy are interesting to say the least. I haven’t learned exactly what it means to be a UX designer. I know you can get into research, design, or strategy and an employer will need you to be able to do all three at some point. The thing that I keep seeing mostly is the pay increase. You can make 50% more money as a UX’er then a Designer on a bad day! They typically cap out at $130,000-ish. That alone is enough to make someone want to be a UX Designer.

I am only about 20 minuets into the class, and I am loving it so far. I have a way to go before my first project But I am ready and exited!