About Me


Hey, Im Gunner Rogers and I love design

I am a graphic and web designer in southern California. My first name is Thomas and my middle name is Gunner.

Thomas + Gunner = TommyGunn

I enjoy doing all kinds of things when it comes to design. Wether that is illustrating a poster, making social media promos, making a logo, Or, designing a web page. I like doing all of those things because it helps a someone speak when words stop working.

Some of the things I like to do

Logo Design

This includes Business cards, Letter heads, or whatever business needs you have.

That one random job you need done

Im not picky when it comes to work. If there is a job you need done I will do it!

Web Design

I use WordPress to make websites for people. I also use Photoshop to design web pages that get sent to developers.